Bar-Net Software
Bar-Net Software is an Israeli based company specializing in the development, supply & installation of Telephony systems and solutions. It provides, since 1996, high quality solutions, products, and software development services for Computer-Telephony.
The line of solutions mainly based on MultiCall telephony server provides a wide range of options as Automated response, conference calls, FAX and call centers.
MultiCall - a Computer Telephony solution platform which combines the power of Telecommunications with corporate database systems. Using its graphic applications designer it is used to deliver telephony and CTI solution of all levels for automated voice response, Fax, Conference calls, calls routing, and call centers.
Bar-Net Offers:
  • MultiCall - Telephony and Voice solutions based on the telephony server system.
  • MultiCall - Computer Telephony solutions for call centers
  • Software development services for Computer-Telephony projects.
  • Sales and support of telephony hardware products (telephony boards and cellular adaptors).
Bar-Net Software Ltd. - Jabotinsky 33 st., Ramat-Gan 5251107, Israel    Tel: +972 (3) 6000 400   Fax: +972 (3) 6000 401